asking for political asylum.

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I, Martial Messier, French passport number 15DC87873 5, am asking for political asylum to Australia and/or Canada. For this purpose, you will find hereinafter the pictures of the main asked pages (page n0 1 with the passport number, pages n0 2&3 for the personal informations).
Here are the main reasons for asking for political asylum and those for the choice of the country :
1: Since 30 years, I have escaped to death because of many attempts to my life organized by french special agents of DGSE. Since 20 years, these agents (of the shadow ) were under the orders of french Presidents from different wings (Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron). Therefore, the political asylum is strengthened by the political disagreements I have expressed in public and by the fact that I have always refused to be their own slave.
2 : At the age of 6 years old, I had had a secret surgery in my brain, in France, to insert a secret chip in metal with the smallest bomb they had created. They tried to blow up my brain using the hand detonator of this bomb in Martinique. Normally, this attempt should have been recorded. I realized the presence of this chip in my brain while in hospital for a X-ray of my head when I was older . Again, this evidence should have been secured but, if not, a simple real X-ray will be enough.
3 : Since my age of 6, I have been put under hypnosis. For the last 20 years, they have used it to practice huge torture, to try to kill me with what could appeared to normal fatal deseases (like heart-attack, ...), to push me to commit suicide and different things I did not want to do.
4 : France has since a very long time the clone technology for humans (surely the first). They have used it against me and and other civilians and I barely thought that It had been internationaly baned ten years ago. If so, France is still using it, like deadly gas.
To summarize, a real state of slavery with the modern sense.
5- For the choice of Australia, I have to say it was the first country I asked for political asylum in their ambassy in Malaysia. They did not refused, but they were not able to accept (maybe a diplomatic french threat...). Even if it was not possible, they have got evidences among them my fake-real french passport gave by the french special agents (helped by malaysian's ones) during my sleep. The Third reason is that Australia has a law against torture practices, not other countries. After that, I went to the High Commisionning for the Refugies in Malaysia for the same purpose. I have had no news but they have got my story (for example, why I fled from France...) and other evidences !
6-For Canada, what could I say except that canadian people are my cousins.
nb : photos of my passport.
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