Blackmailed by DGSE Macron's special agents.

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By the way, one more information I have got from Macron's DGSE agents who wanted to blackmail me. They said, through their wires in my appartment, that they used once the camouflage dress (they can take the shape of a window, a wall, a tree...) against Miss Lepen. One guy threw a dart in Lepen's neck so she looks like using LSD. They did it in front of Front National executives in order to scare them. I have been told that they used different tools to torpedo this political party for the second turn of presidential election. Actually they said it was my fault although I was staying in Martinique while beeing tortured... I can say that these camouflage dress still exist since a long time because I saw them in a flat. They were MOSSAD agents came to kill me in Paris... It took place near o,ne year before the graduate day at HEC.

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