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Here is the truth of what happened ten years ago in what we call a Big School in France, the equivalent of the american university. I was invited at HEC campus in order to be graduated for a Master, like hundred of regular students.

Many people decided that it has to be my day for a unique performance dedicated to various international special guests, as a lot of powerfull people - political and captain of big compagnies - actors/actress, singers , high level researchers in science, philosophers and Immortals (those Who take care of the French language) were present.

A unique 6 hours of performance with some private discussions I'd had among them one with Pesquet related to his future mission in the ISS. Some gentlemen of different nationality decided, with my agreement, that it was the specific moment to unveiled what I would call confidential and or secret defense informations. At the beginning, they were related to myself or, actually what has been done against me and my daughter (but not only) : attempts of murder, torture using hypnosis and so on.

At the end of the show for 500 hundred of guests , Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President in charge, blamed me to unveil State secrets, only his, although I was explained what he ordered against a simple citizen, me. Of course, I reaveled that an army of special agents - DGSE - came a day in Paris to kill me and all innocent French people walking nearby. I'd had the help of four groups of organized persons for protecting innocent people not yet dead and myself. It was a real war in Paris decided by Sarkozy. Nobody has heard of it so the secrecy was a sort of agreement of all the parties still alive.

But it was not enough. He threatened me to order to kill me and my daughter, to make me feel huge pains under torture and other strange things like to really fuck my ass. .. Actually, he was at that moment recorded with a video showing him and me, a little bit scared of what he said and what has been done during my performance : they tried to kill all the guests using gas and poisons ( in drinks and foods ). Fortunately, no one of the innocent people died or were injured, although powerfull people were ensured that they got the right antidots which were not the good one.

Sarkozy was so sure to prevent special guests not to have the record... But they have and all the other guests can testify of what happened and what is written on this page. No resignation so powerfull he was, and I should say they were.

Do you think it was the end of the personal state secret of other French Presidents regarding my case ? Not at all. Ask the question to Hollande and his Prime Minister Valls (and his home office Minister )... Hollande said that he has one regret : not to take over Sarkozy 's decision which is to allow DGSE agents to intervene on the French territory. Actually he used this possibility. .. against me and innocent people (and maybe some Who were annoying).

Was it the end with Macron's election ? Not at all. I and others, we have a vocal (and video) record of a discussion between me, Macron and a formar GDF 's executive, Jean-Claude Marouby, Who was a friend before. Advices, manipulations and whatsoever. I should say that since that time I faced a lot of killers in Martinique island (combat divers, special agents or those who were working for them, assassins ).

When somebody wants to be one of the Masters of the world, what could we do if, more, they can get helps of the Greys. .. Good people and innocents can maybe face the threat!!!

I am done, I am fed up and I can't bear anymore such a hate if I am not the good slave, alive or dead. I gave so much to France and you I know what I owe to this country...


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