Trafic car engine !!!

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After having asked for political asylum, things are going on for torture, or to make somebody dumb. Surely a decision taken by DGSE Macron's team. By the way, the condominium in which I am living, and surely the building where I try to sleep, has been taken over by DGSE agents or those who are working for : appartments 14, 15, 16, 24, 25, 26, 34, 36 ( mine is the 35th) and surely the 32 on the other side.
Just one little story. Yesterday, I have been awaken at 1 AM, which  let me just one hour for sleeping. When I got on the balcony for fresh air, I heard one voice from the ceiling and, immediately, I was unable to breathe. Every day is going on such ways ( thanks to hypnosis otherwise it would be impossible ).
The second point is the following video. It shows a second radiator added in front of the first one in my car engine, connected to pipes going directly inside the vehicle were I sit. .. Was it the way used to make me breathing some deadly gas ??

Another important thing. Nobody can get in touch with me by phone, including my daughter and close friends, because my mobile is totally under control. I have had the evidence when different pensons tried to call me in front of me..

Second point. We don't see on the video the pipes going underneath the left of the engine. Surely to reach à little extra-tank. .. of gas.


Ci-dessous, le lien Facebook pour la vidéo.

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