A usual week-end of torture - close to death.

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A usual week-end of torture – close to death

I think it should be impossible to write my story since the beginning. But telling some parts, like a novel, a real one of daily torture, is possible. Just in between horrible moments. So, here is the last week-end under a terrible and continuous torture using only hypnosis. Just let’s go to the point.

Saturday began as usual. After a night without really having slept. Most of the time one or 3 hours. Tired, so tired. Not because of the lack of sleep. Because of the programming of the special agent. Their goal that day ? To push me to have a car accident. How ? Just using their speakers inside the car and, at each time I was hearing them, brief moments of absence occured.  A sort of KO within seconds. Like a boxing fighter, standing on his feet, eye opened, but not really conscious. With a car in the middle of traffic, it could be deadly. No matter for them if I was shouting because of that. They were going on, trying to succeed. Hopefully, I had several stops, several doppio espressos … It was like a dessert. Back to the apartment, they were going on the same way. Talking every minutes, every seconds. Impossible to say how many different pains I have got. All my body was painfully. Tried to swim. Worst situation. Always talking. But here, in that swimming pool, under the water, there are no speakers. Therefore, the quiet moments are under the water (not anymore while diving). Otherwise, that day, among the huge pains for all my muscles, my burning lungs and a terrible headache, something they did not have done since a long time, sudden and strange beats of my heart. Like an heart attack. You need to stop. Again, I had to get my chest out of the water to be able to breathe. For that also, it was a long time ago I did not have such a programming. I was not dead and I know that I have to go on doing sports. Otherwise, I am dead. The end of the day was quite the same, till 2 oclock in the morning.

I did not think that Sunday will be another part of terrible pains. Those the special agents with their female voices enjoy so much. It seems they really hate what could be a male. Except maybe big queens such their kind. Or ladyboys they use so often. They woke me up as usual. Around five in the morning. Impossible to get asleep again. No pain. Till I was obliged to get up. It was the beginning of an entire day of torture. The first symptom was a huge headache and a big pain to an eye. The second one was like rips of my prostate at each time I was hearing them. Two hours of such treatment. The entire morning was made with pains impossible to bear, such those they enjoy when it’s coming from my brain or skull. Around one PM, I began to look at TV. Again, it was worst. They began to work on my penis. They have worked on all my genital organs. What to say about that. It seems they really want to castrate my all genital organs. Since a long time. And I am not so surprised coming from military guys, totally crazy and enjoying (as they laugh) this specific torture, using their female voices, insulting each other as ‘bitch” (in French of course). And it was the same till the evening, till I felt asleep, exhausted by a whole day of big torture. They did nit try to push me to commit a suicide as usual. Maybe to try to kill me in the car was enough on Saturday.

We are Tuesday morning. 1 AM. Can’t sleep because all the day and evening of Monday was, again, a huge torture. At the apartment. At the office. Simply with other pains ! Before I came for writing this 'special novel', they were laughing while I was laying in my bed, just telling several times (in French) : "his dick is smaller and smaller". That's the truth since they are working on that also ...

For those in France and elsewhere who thought it could have been just for a time, just for fun. It has been for a life, just to kill. And I am still there. So, they became more furious. What for ? Just have a look on that previous article (in French and English) :


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