After the “Save Earth “Day, the “Help Gay” Day !

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Actually, I did not think to be alive today after a Friday made of horror and death attempt. I thought they could stop a little such a level of torture. It was to forget the special services army I have on my back. Not the good agents, are you kidding ! All these the army does not want anymore, those with huge mental disorders, those only with big senses of homosexuality, those who like to see others suffering of pains and humiliation. Like those who went to Guantanamo to help US army for their torture and physical ‘humiliation’.



I had a big surprise in the apartment when I had a pie in one of the toilets, hearing these special agents teasing me on what I was exactly doing. Thus, they have installed camera everywhere and certainly more in the private rooms - beside, they have forgotten to clean their work as pieces of wall were in the sink… It gives an idea of their tortured brain. But that surprise was not the only one. Even if I knew that few people with children could be dangerous when receiving bribes, I did not think one moment to the Gay Day…



They knew the night before what I planned to do on Saturday, so their first act was to ask a ladyboy to come near the place where I had to park my car. Immediately after, they began to talk, in the car and, later, in a restaurant using the speakers for music. They put in my brain that I was fucked by a ladyboy, taking pleasure… It was exactly also their speech in the middle of loud music. They did not mind to change the female voice by a male one after my reaction. Anyway, nobody may understand the French, therefore they don’t mind. That was the beginning of the Gay Day during a lunch time. Actually, I was looking only for solaris and a quiet moment, a place to get some sun in a plaza. What I got is lot’s of gays aware of my presence and what was scheduled. The first gay people were a couple of girls, staying in their car looking at me when I was at the terrace of a coffee bar. One was fondling the hair of the other one. At a moment, they were laughing at my reaction when I heard these tortured special service agents telling who exactly I was looking (apparently, a beautiful woman in a beautiful car). I suddenly realized that they were not only using the speakers of the coffee bar but also the security camera. That one was not pointed at me at the beginning but it was the case later on !


These two girls stayed a long time in their car spying my reaction. They were laughing when they saw passing two other girls arms in arms. More than a simple following look to a blond hair girl, they had an interested glance to that tall girl quite pretty. But they left when they saw my reaction when two guys where passing and, more, because I was looking at her. I had to go. First direction : the supermarket. I was surrounded by these female voices coming from mobiles of a lot of people. Most of them where westerners and, surely, French for a big part (I can recognize when they speak). They stopped when I said I did not care of French people at all. Back to the apartment, it was the organized suicide. I say organized when you have neighbors making noises you can hear like in a cinema at the same time ! I had to go again.



I though to go in another shopping center but I wanted only to have a quiet moment while drinking a soda. Unfortunately, because of the wires and other people with their mobile, I heard a guy telling another one, while leaving the place and looking at me : "I don’t want to get my teeth broken". With a sort of pity, his last sentence was : "no reaction". Actually, to break gay’s teeth was what I said a day in my apartment, raging against gay people smiling and approaching me because of hypnosis, something like today. Suddenly I saw another couple of girls saying hello to that guy who came back although I did not see him. He said it was not the day. Then, wires and mobiles were used against, pushing me to change of location. I thought that a beer in a closed bar could be a good idea. Not really because of several things :



1-they began to really torture me after I said "fuckers" leaving the previous place

2- One of the waiter said "gay" something to another one looking at me and smiling. I began to have huge headache when hearing these French female voices.

3- The only girl in the bar part has been asked to leave the place by a waiter – I was the only client then.

4- I was on my way to leave that place when two other waiters came in - one was looking at me with desire – to immediately get out like they were following me. The end was a huge torture in the car while driving.



Some may think "that’ll teach him a lesson". Others may think "what a pity he did not want to be a gay". Actually, I have a lesson to tell people. Since the beginning of 2005 in France, I am so tortured in order to be pushed to become a gay, to be castrated (it is quite the same with hypnosis), not to be able to meet girls or to be able to do normal things with them. Thus, you can manipulate people under hypnosis to do things they hate ! If they are resisting, you will get more torture. I did resisting, I was tortured as nobody else. It is not only my death they are looking for, they are offering me the only way not to suffer again : to become a gay or a ladyboy. Worst than that. It often happen to me to willing having another baby. It is simply impossible since 10 years as the only world I can offer is the torture one !



Listen to me the gay community. You will never get my support in any country even if I know some gays (guys or girls), always interesting for different reasons, never trying to really get me (I am not talking for girls who are not interested). I have been so much tortured to push me in arms’ gay, they have used so much hypnosis to push me in such a way. Worst than that, they put in my daughter head a normality in such relationship that I am really afraid they can use again and again hypnosis to make her a queen.



Listen to me gay community (and ladyboys too). When you love something like candies, it is quite impossible to resist to the temptation caused by hypnosis. When you don’t like something, it is easier to resist but they have some hypnosis tools to confuse your mind (that was confirmed a day by a professor of a big school). They practice also torture to brake your mental and body. And when I saw big gays smiling at me in these conditions, I really would like to brake some teeth. Imagine the same situation on you, those who like gay relationship. You will make something naked in the street, with pleasure, without realizing the fucking things you will never do outside.



Listen to me everybody, when you are smiling because of wires used on me, and today surveillance camera, imagine just an instant the same acts against you, in your privacy and in public locations.



I know since a long time that special services are using hookers, gays and ladyboys (plus those getting bribes). I know also that playing with the words, ‘homosexuality’ was used against politicians, absolutely not when they publicly announced their homosexuality. I know that hookers were ‘banned’ in my country for political reasons although it is said to be the most ancient job. I let you thinking to these words but since that time, there are more and more people said to have sexual deviance. I would like to say nasty things against you gays but I know that it has been also used for political reasons. I am not pissing of all the gay community but those who have accepted to play the part with the special services. I have been too much tortured for that without telling what I really feel. The guy who laughed today telling he did not want to get his teeth broken has to become small. Let him know that a day in Indonesia I was close to brake some heads of ladydoys in a bar. Because of what special agents did on me having given a lot of money to a ladyboy who shown me a huge pack of bank notes.



Of course, it is said that I know things to justify hypnosis and torture. The first one is torture against my daughter. I know other things I gave evidence for without any results, I know some other things impossible to demonstrate and some impossible to be told by other people (do you think I was the only one under hypnosis ?). The most important think I know is how psychiatry can be utilized against people just because they don’t approved the way of life some attempt to impose or for any kind of reasons. I simply know that what I like/love most has been destroyed or prevented and what I dislike or did not want have been done against or on me. What a better way to totally annihilate somebody ! And I have just learned that special agents did not want me to publish this article. Then, no access at all to Internet on a Saturday night for which I won’t have any fever : I am not going out at all with all the gays waiting for me on the order of the special agents. Most of the time, I am unable to go out on the week-end just because of huge torture. Today it is just because of the acceptance of the gay community.



I am disgusted by you. I am disgusted by those told to be normal but likely to practice torture. I am simply disgusted by what money could provoke. Beyond the appearance, I really prefer the "Save Earth" day to anything else. I prefer people trying to do things for Mother Nature without any publicity. I prefer these people because the Canadian permafrost is melting today as it has been demonstrated/shown by a scientist. Then, imagine the Siberian permafrost with more methane which has triple the greenhouse effect compare to carbon dioxyd.

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