Are you all Insane Part 2 or “Neither God nor Master but the State”.

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I was wondering in my article ‘Are you all insane?’ if most of the people could be insane regarding the torture I was victim of and the participation of smiling persons. I think I have got part of the answer as a part of the people seems to be insane as they enjoy participating. However, I can see people who do not recognize themselves in such practices and, then, do not participate. It is maybe a hope for human beings. But regarding the torture, no matter the race (or type), no matter the religion. When people are going on participating although they are aware of the torture and barbarian practices, no doubt, they are particularly insane.


As a matter of fact, those who are living at Antah Tower Condominium (Kuala Lumpur) are seemingly aware of the situation and a part seems to get curious behaviour and some are clearly insane. Following the first complaint I lodged in 2009 and the ‘advice’  given by the police officer we have seen, I wrote several months later a letter to the attention of the Committee – no investigation, no joke. This letter (see at the end f the article), approved by the landlord of my apartment, contained the same topics developed in the complaint because the same things were going on. It was not only a formal complaint explaining the abusive breaking ins but also a formal explanation on torture and barbarian acts I was victim of (see the document hereafter). I have seen different persons coming out of the apartment just beside mine and I was hearing so terrible noises coming from the apartment upstairs. Most of the time, it was impossible to stand inside the apartment because I couldn’t bear such level of torture. The same people are participating again and again more than a year after I sent by mail the letter to the Chairman of the Committee, which includes the security guards. What for? For free? Not at all. To get insane to that point, you should at least get enough money to have the will to suicide somebody! Money and protection.


Have you ever heard “Neither God nor Master but the state” and what could you think about? Let me enlighten you.


Firstly, this is the motto of French special agents (DST) I have read a long time ago in a newspaper article. I think this is the same motto for the French soldiers serving as special agents abroad, like those in Libya since quite the beginning of the uprising, not the liaison officers France sent recently... Such a motto as it is tells us a lot of things


Secondly, we must understand that secularism is the main purpose, above religions and laws, above all citizens and their representatives. This purpose is represented by ‘nothing but the State’. It imposes no belief but to be respectful of any decision or will given by the State or his commander in chief. Then, the beards won’t have any friends because they may use them or fight them. The only friend of a beard is his supreme commander. A beard think like his commander, fight to obtain respect to his commander, fight all the opponents of his commander and do whatever needed for his mission. It implies the use of torture, of children. of the target’s neighbours, of religions, of beliefs... In one word, they use all – bribes also – but to list will be tedious! Actually, since several months France has changed French special agents I had on my back (I don’t think it has been the same for the Malaysian ones). Why such a change? Because the former used to say at a moment: “Sarkozy is well known for his psychological troubles”! Maybe that was the reason why we passed from the red pants, I described in an article, to the black ones, the fascists, the Nazis. There is no one day I can say something on Sarkozy in my apartment without being verbally and physically aggressed (I should say tortured). Am I saying things so bad that I would be the only one to be able to afford it? Not really taking into account the news and different articles. That includes the threats of Sarkozy, the French President, against an editor in 2008 we heard again in mid April. Sarkozy maintained these threats because he heard what the editor said on his wife, affairs the journalist seemed to have published in April 2011... Honestly, threats coming from Sarkozy were not the first. He did the same thing asking young French Arabic people to come fight him when he was on a tour for his all security trick when Home Minister. You understand that special agents have to threat by oral too and to act!


Thirdly, it clearly appears that special agents don’t care at all with the religions. More, they use people and their beliefs for torture. I remember a day when I first heard: “he won’t turn Muslim”. Since that moment – end of 2009 – the torture became worst. Let me inform you on my beliefs. I am respectful of people, their nature, their habits and usages, and I am respectful of their religion. I am like other persons who are thirsty to learn on different forms of culture, which is an open minded characteristic. But I can hate any individual who participated in the torture and I don’t want to be respectful of those idiots. As a religion is very important for a believer, it is very important to me not to have any religion. Then, I am begging you to be respectful of my position which I don’t want to explain because it implies too many statements, explanations but here are some clues:


-> I believe in myself – which is for a small part closer to Buddhism I won’t turn to. I owe all I have got to my own work.

 -> I believe in the existence of other forms of life since a long time and to Darwin theory which has never been contradicted. I even wrote articles on unidentified aero-spatial phenomena I have seen 5 times in my life. I explained also the learning of our scientists and the improvement of their tools which implies a better knowledge of what is surrounding us. Science is researching today the existence of planet like ours. But scientists know that other forms of being are existing like animals living under very high pressure, no light and sulphur environment. More, NASA has even tried a spatial flight with sort of bacteria outside the rocket. Half of them came back alive despite no oxygen and huge radiation. It is the same when a scientist discovered sort of bacteria living in a pure acid volcanic lake! We need oxygen and the sun but for sure other beings may not need the same environment. I am so happy to have seen recent broadcasts like “UFO” or “Aliens life”. Don’t worry, the existence of extra terrestrial life won’t challenge religions when they state the existence of a God who created the Universe.    

-> I believe in peace. I know, it is an utopia and I have been told so (they were laughing at me). But I aim to stay on or look at this utopia.  

-> I believe in a future for my daughter, for our children. I believe that our children are important. Therefore, I can’t bear when they suffer because of adults and their games, their atrocity, their hate, their policies...   You may have heard of 2012 and Nostradamus or Hopi’s predictions (see nota). Each prediction is not related to the end of the world but to a cataclysm which is linked to a natural cause or to a human cause (nuclear war for example). No one knows what could be the cataclysm but a consensus seems to emerge on the occurrence, likewise global warming. I think that our children will have a future if developed and developing countries make good decisions before or after facing any cataclysm.

-> I believe in FREEDOM! Even if I have never had such a thing, freedom of speech, freedom of getting a decent life or a simple freedom to be (...) is what everybody is looking for...  I am facing even today an environment which is made of terror and torture which has no limit.

Nota: Talking about 2012 is here in purpose as French special agents asked me a lot of time what could occur regarding these predictions after I saw Nostradamus broadcasts on Astro. They were asking me this question because I made some ‘predictions’ which all came into reality. But it was concerning facts or events due to people or human nature for which I need information (curiously 12/12/2012 is quite close to the double of the number of the antichrist: 666). Here, predictions are talking about cataclysm with different hypothesis which have more or less a serious probability of occurrence: according to scientists, two of the super volcanoes known (Yellowstone and Arctic) have today their top subsided which is considered as a real risk of explosion (they may really think to several simultaneous drills...); Earthquakes occur often and a major quake related to a fault (or a combination of faults) could have serious damage for us; Tsunamis are another risk and linked to under water earthquake or a meteorite; a meteorite crash on to our planet is quite unpredictable but would devastate the Earth.

Lastly, special agents are most of the time above laws and do not respect anything or anybody. So, why should we be respectful of our representatives who are saying things in one hand and are doing other things in the other hand? Why should we be respectful of our laws (I have always been) when power is given to special agents to break them? Why should we believe in humanity when politicians know only greed and their ultimate power?

I think we all must believe in something otherwise life does not worth to be spent. Be respectful of others, of other beliefs and religions. You can be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or having no religion. If you are not respectful of others, don’t think one instant that people will be respectful with you.





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