Are you all insane Part 3 or the Beards techniques.

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Two days with huge muscles pains on all my body followed by two days with excruciating headaches which do not exist in a natural way. These four days and four nights (no sleep at all or no real sleep) were terrible, terrifying. They woke me up while they were already torturing me for my birthday...  


Sarkozy and his special agents have decided to make me know what is hell while trying to suicide me since my 50.. A complete week with only excruciating pains provoke by their torture using hypnosis (24/7) French special agents laugh when working on my death, not only because they know they have already succeeded but also because they really enjoy practicing torture. The inhuman treatment I have known in France became more inhuman in Malaysia, maybe because they have had the help of their local colleagues.. More than 10 years with death as a goal, no matter so many bullshits told. French special agents know what I predicted regarding Al Qaida and French interests abroad, which happened several months later. They don't know what will happen to them at the end.. 


I must surely have been considered as dangerous as any terrorist to be tortured with such huge financial and human ways/means. Why? Because of bribes and/or because of the madness of some persons in order to maintain people in a slavery (and so close surveillance) state? 


Since my 50, special agents have decided to make me know what was awaiting for me: a real hell during nights and days under torture 24/7 while pushing me to kill myself and, if so, prevent me to kill myself (no more will contrary to an iron will, no strenght left, physically and mentally washed out to end laying on the floor under torture). I understand know why a former GDF's top manager said in 2005 that I will stay under hypnosis all my life. It is worst than a pure slavery state taking into account they they entered my apartment last night to remove big parts of my two eyebrowns They have no limits regarding the torture and what they can do during nights although I have no counsciesness of what happened..


Therefore, I have decided to publish some photographs of various locations where torture began or where torture was present at  each time. It is the occasion also to talk a little about techniques and tactics special agents use to destroy your life till a murder.


Of course, they are not working alone as they are asking to people and companies to participate. One of these companies is Telecom Malaysia which has refused since more than three months to refund my deposit balanced by the last Streamyx invoice. More, when I went to the TM point at PJ, near the Giant (kota Damansara area), I have been really tortured the two last times when I was waiting for hours. Conclusion, after three months and a half, TM does not want to refund me and is surely waiting for my death, even if the manager I saw did not say it. They pushed me to be out of my mind after two hours of torture while waiting (incredible headaches) and mainly because of what told me the manager. For them, I had to wait for quite a month... Is that all for TM and Streamyx? Not really. When I have got a lot of troubles with my professional website, I have made researches to get the official name of the owner of an IP address which was appearing at each huge security problems. Don’t worry, it is impossible to get a specific address but when dealing with a professional, you normally can always find the owner’s name. The first time I found that the IP was INEXISTING. The second time I found that the owner of the IP address was TM... With another tool I have, I have been able to see a day that my Internet location was not anymore PJ but another city... Guess what? The special numbers people can use to torture using their hand phones (like 8 to 10 the eight digit or others) are always given by the national telecommunication company. In one word, I am always paying to get troubles and to get tortured.


Regarding tactics and techniques special agents are using, here are some of them:


To insulate. Whatever could be the process or the people used, the goal is to insulate yourself in order to stay alone and to have no choice than to accept what is decided for you. In my case, it was to stay in a slavery state and also to push me to commit a suicide. So, you can’t count on your friends, you can’t count on anybody either because they will do or say something they have been asked for. You are alone facing the worst of human kind. It takes place in your private environment but also in your professional one.

To destroy what you like (love) and to do/make against you what you dislike or hate. I let you imagine what I liked (or loved) and what I hated. They did all!

To manage your poverty. It becomes very difficult to fight any abnormal and illegal situations without money. If you have some, they will organize everything to make sure that you will lose that part of power. They made that twice against me but they are fucked that I still have enough money not to get back to my native country.

To annihilate your values. It is one way to make you becoming insane. Let’s take an example. I will never have empathy or I will never help again anybody. I have helped a lot of people, including my family, just because I was strong enough or smart enough to do so. It has been the same in my former company (GDF). At each time, special agents (and former top managers) have asked these people to turn against me. And they did it! I have always other values although they did their best, using torture, to annihilate them.

To torture.  People aware of psychological sate know that when you are physically well, you are also strong in a psychological point of view. You are not unarmed, you can fight. When special agents break you down physically, it becomes harder to maintain a mental strength. Then, it is easier to destroy somebody. I still believe in me even having encountered excruciating pains over days and nights, accompanied by modifying my whole body. It is very easy for them to make you lose suddenly your muscles (which helps for pains).

To manage the participation of more and more people in what is really a torture. Then, former top managers of GDF and French governments are not alone anymore with their insane behaviour. Their share the torture with the world!

To never say the truth but bullshits. It is ever swallowed with unconsciousness or consciousness. For the last case, it won’t be for nothing: money, agreements...


I could have given more explanation on different techniques used by beards but you have here the main ones. To use speakers and wires in public location to make me hearing their female (and male) voices is quite dedicated to France as it has not been such a way in Malaysia. There, I have always been hounded everywhere by special agents. Like a specific day when I decided to walk in an unpredictable manner through Paris. I stopped in various bars to drink something. In each place, I heard nothing at the beginning until a new person came in. I was then hearing their voices with, sometimes, this new guy smiling at me. When I gat out of each place, I saw at the street corner a police car and an ambulance waiting. Cops where looking at me. They were waiting for me. They did not succeed that day because I always fled the bar soon enough.


In Malaysia, It has been so painful for me although people and employees were aware of the will to make me crazy and to provoke me huge pains that I wanted to publish some picture locations. Here they are with some comments for a birthday under torture. 50 years and more and more excruciating pains you can’t fight with any medicines/drugs.





























































































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