Burned alive !

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Four days ago was a special wake up. As usual, the special agents covering their voices by female ones wake me up early in the morning with pains in all my body. What was special that morning was one’s behind ! Burns pains on top. It was unbelievable to see on a mirror two big red marks. It was unbelievable to note the constant action using hypnosis to get these burns worst. Four days later, the problem was still there ! See by yourself what could be burned alive :




Unbelievable to be burned to that point even if it arrives sometimes, as the former brown marks show it. To get it’s behind burned is not the only part of my skin the special services are working on. I was burned alive several times just by watching at the TV !


The first time, it was after a small burn due to a hot oil throw coming from the pan, just a drop. Nothing serious. Coming back to the living room to eat my dishes looking at TV, my hand became suddenly red, boiling, then burned ! I had the same experience several times. The last one was different as I have got my hand burned when I was cooking, using a fork to mix dishes in the pan. They were talking non stop. My hand was burned.


It is the same after a short while at the swimming pool with a beautiful sun. Nothing the same day, no pains the same day. After a night, I wake up with sunburns on my shoulder ! A night of hypnosis. Actually, I have never had any sunburn when I was younger, staying an entire day under the sun without any protection. Since I am under hypnosis (a really long time ago but I was not aware of), I get sunburns even using skin protection cream. Usually never the same day but they have worked on it…



Burned alive. It is possible using hypnosis. Burned alive is also to get my all body suddenly hot, like boiling organs, loosing at least two liters of water. Burned alive is also not being able anymore to stay under the sunshine. It begins with my boiling head and the sensation of burns on my face skin. Burned alive under hypnosis is a reality. Then imagine what they can do on organs. They can do whatever they want. I have got real kidney problems a long time ago with huge crisis. No screams at that time even it is said to be the most painful. Today, they replicate these crisis when they want, making the pains impossible to stand. It is so horrible that I scream.


Burned alive ! Replication of real pains impossible to stand. The all body totally deformed. That’s their game. A killer game while laughing. I have other pictures. Some of my deformed face under torture, some of hair modification under hypnosis. You want see them. They are under my lawyer hands. Should it be for something …


Then, what could be the solution after being burned alive, after two weeks of mega torture and suicide, morning, afternoon and evening ???


You know what ? When I went to my bedroom last night, they asked me for 20 minutes the same question (in Fremch) : " Don't you want to dress as a girl ?". 20 minutes. Impossible to fall aslepp. Usually they don't ask any question. I will explain you later what exactely these gay-queens do !



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