Friday lost in the torture world

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Last Friday, I wanted to change of area for my lunch time. I did not forget all the wires installed at the curve of the location I went. But I have forgotten people using their mobiles. They were more than two that day. The first one, a small Chinese guy put quickly his mobile in his pocket when I decided to have a look to the precise point of the French speech I heard : “ he is a mad” said a good male voice. First body reaction was to sweat but came after different pains. So, I decided to throw my cigarette and to enter the commercial center, trying to find that guy. He had simply disappeared while westerner people beside him where not far from. It was the same during my lunch time, always coming from my back. When I had a look, a guy having lunch with a women was so smiling. The third one was when I was drinking a coffee. I have seen his location because of a French couple leaving the place. The guy was coming back without a word, just looking at the location where the French female voices were coming. The girl stand up and said : “I can’t understand”. Twice. When it became impossible to bear for me, I decided to leave the place and to look at people beside me. Actually, a local guy, big one, was at that moment turning off his mobile to put it in his pocket. With a big smile.


That’s the best way to deal with : a big smile. Actually, you can ask yourself the question if persons using their mobile to practice torture on me are agent from special services. They may not be agent. Then, they are simply people enjoying practicing torture. And they are not alone ! At each time things happened that way in this location, a security guard was close and spying my reaction, ready to intervene…


I had to leave early my office in the afternoon. Don’t ask why, you may have the answer. But I did not want to come back to my apartment. Again, don’t ask why. Therefore, I decided to go to another plaza, another commercial center and to get some drinks in a bar/restaurant with a week-day name. They began torture using the speaker behind me. They followed by the aeration of the toilet. These French female voices seemed to come from the kitchen of the restaurant because I was hearing noising from plates. Actually, it was the first time in these toilets … When I came the second time in these toilets – it is what usually the action of beers but so quickly could be surprising except while using hypnosis – the agent asked me to stop drinking beer. Guess what. Usually it’s impossible for me there to drink a second beer feeling like being drunk … because of them. That day, it became first difficult to drink at all so the pains at my stomach were important. The size of my stomach suddenly double or triple of size when hearing these female voice. And that treatment is going on since two weeks ! The game was this one that Friday. Being torture while staying at the bar (speaker), being tortured while going to the toilets. The third time I went to the toilets, noises were apparently coming from the kitchen and the agent were talking to me in order to make me feeling like drunk ! At that moment I decide to answer them as loud as possible : “ How are you doing, the Hookers of S.. ?” Guess what ? Two other customers where in the toilets. One in that of woman, the other one waiting. And hey seemed to be really surprised ! Not waiters looking at me to catch any reaction when under torture. For the first time, I decided to stay to have lunch because of hypnosis, their talks to make me feeling like drunk, even if I was not at all when changing of place.


Friday was like a starter. Saturday evening was like the dessert. In the swimming pool of my condominium. I was obliged to stop swimming and I had to hit my chest several times. Without that, not sure to be here again so I was closed to a heart attack. Really painful. Guess what ? They did not stop talking unless I stopped swimming. And they were arguing that everybody here did not care of what happen to me. All ? Not so sure guys !

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