How to kill with hypnosis : 2 week examples.

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I have heard different things about France these last days One was heard looking at a famous cooking channel. Two Chefs were cooking the same recipes when the guest said "I cook mine a little bit more. French people like dark things…”. The other one was when going out from my office, passing by a bar. Somebody having seen my face said (in French) : “Bravo France…” Actually, I am wondering if French people do like dark things. Reading an article of a journalist I know, I had to read twice the conclusion of her explanation on a typical French official way to treat global warming, more precisely how to protect an elite who dealt with confusing announcement based on not ‘certified’ data :

“At a time when the biggest emitters of CO2 (China is the largest producer of windmill and the United States invests heavily in sustainable energy) Old Europe, especially France (entangled in his carbon tax .. .) - has left ideologist scientists discrediting the scientific community in the eyes of the ruling elites and the public using the science - on behalf of global warming, of the precautionary principle and for future generations in order to serve a political cause : their fight for decrease.” (translation from French article).

The word is served, “their fight for decrease”, for the economical decrease, for the intellectual decrease, for the moral decrease … or may I say moral decay. Using hypnosis as an official tool for Special Services deserves this “moral decay’. More when it is thrown to the face of large audience, simply in the street. The conclusion of this article was telling us that China is, today, the biggest producer of windmill - and may become, tomorrow, the first world producer of solar panels (an Australian company today with worldwide presence). – and that the USA were investing heavily in sustainable energy. They are fighting for growth. They are fighting for future generation. They are not fighting for personal reasons (even if in every country the political game is to think to the next poll). Great Nations are not more looking for decay as it was in the History. China is using hypnosis since a long time in hospitals, as natural medicine to treat their patients in combination with chemical drugs. Elsewhere they prefer long term research for chemical drugs, they use hypnosis to serve their interests, and to kill sometimes. Here are the two main last examples of what could kill somebody, two main things I had to endure last week :

1- Wednesday was the day of cardiac fibrillation with very severe pains to the chest at heart level. Just like veins hitting hard at the chest and bones (ribs/sternum area). it was in the middle of a diffic$ult day and I kept standing unsteadily in the morning, stumbling and staggering while driving, even at noon. I was weighing down by their shout when vociferating with female voices, from 6 o'clock in the morning.

2- Friday was the day for committing a suicide, pushed by their programming when hearing their voices at home, at office, everywhere. Most of the tima in specific moment like when they destroyed the hardware of one computer at office (2 times) or when they changed the parameters of Internet and router (4 times). Pains in my brain were so huge that I was shouting like somebody suffering physical torture. Most of the time, the only way is to fight pain by another pain or to escape a precise location. In that case, nothing to prevent these huge pains ... they have a lot of wires in each part of locations I am used with. In that case, the torture was going on several hours, till midnight. It means that the goal was really to kill. And when they say “We all had swear you that you’ll become rich” or “It gonna stop”, it becomes harder and harder, more horrible. The most I shout under torture, the most they laugh.


That was just two examples of the last week. But the first one remind me one day in France while I have suffered a real symptom of heart attack : pains in left arm … For the second example, I have forgotten to say that talking through wires/speakers night and day is just a way to make you totally crazy…

Don’t ask me how I am standing such ultimate torture, I don’t know myself except you don’t have other solution, like a prisoner. Don’t ask me how I am standing not to become crazy, I don’t know myself except I am really mentally strong and I have found some tools to avoid becoming crazy.

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