I have been condemned to death by the French government.

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J’ai ete condamne a mort par le gouvernement francais.


It is the middle of the night and I am screaming since an hour and a half, screaming under torture. The French special agents won’t stop talking, having used hypnosis to program my body to so many huge pains, to make me totally crazy. An hour and a half they are talking, hitting with an hammer so the noise is ringing out my bedroom. A sudden pain: my stomach has tripled of volume pushing the diaphragm so then it is quite impossible to breathe. The list of pains is quite long (eyes, lungs, brain, …) They won’t stop as they did during 2 hours in my car: 5o km to go to a location based at 5 km beside my office, under huge torture. Two days ago, they did the same and I was close to kill a guy riding a motorcycle… Out of the car, I did not stand on my fit, shacking of two hours of torture. Today, it has been the same again and again.


They won’t stop as the French government put a contract on my head, giving a lot of money everywhere to allow its special agents to act easily. I am just a dead man and you can laugh, you can believe to a good fortune which will never arrive.


12 years of torture. It is worst and worst and every day, every night.. Hence, the end will be only my death. Because the only way not to hear them is to put my fingers in my ears, something quite impossible while driving a car or all the day while working or during the night.


I have been threatened so many times by these agents, almost once per week and more.

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