I should not be alive.

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This is the title of an actual broadcast you can watch with Astro. The content is simple stories of persons who were close to death, because of an accident most of the time, because of a crocodile attack the only time I had a look. The guy who escaped that situation explained his feelings: “I wanted to die and, in the same time, I wanted to live”. He went on telling that you want to die to put an end at the pains when you are grabbed by a croc but he had a so huge willing to live that he was trying to get off this mortal moment.


I feel exactly the same. The crocodile is, to me, what are the special agents using hypnosis, wires and all those who agreed – for money or not – to participate..


For those who know a little the situation – because they could have been informed by others or because they have heard these special agents talking in French in public location -  not only my stomach could be painful during a day. It is all my body, my muscles, my joins, my organs, my brain, my eyes like they are popped up,,,, Even a small pain can be transformed in something horrible, impossible to bear, just using hypnosis. It is everyday, it is most of the nights. They are waking me up to begin talking, so they push me to become totally crazy and to commit a suicide. It is nothing else than to try to kill somebody. It is what they do when I am writing down this note, avoiding me to get any access to Internet, to the mobile network. For these French agents and the government, I must die.


Right but I am not suicidal, reason why torture takes place days and nights. Reason why it is everywhere: my apartment and condominium (Antah Tower, KL), my office and the vicinity (Neo Damansara, PJ), every shopping malls (The Curve,-PJ, Hartamas shopping center-KL, The Mall-KL), every restaurants, every bars where I go or used to go. A lot of people have been witnesses while hearing these agents speaking French through wires, speakers. Unfortunately, you have also those – simple person when they are not agent – using a special phone number to get these French female voices.


I should not be alive also because they used different method to get me killed: provoking painful heart attack, a flat tyre while the only way to stop huge pains in eyes when driving was to close them… Even when I am diving! The speed of sound is 5 time faster under the water and you can’t check for the origin. Last time in Thailand was really horrible. But they have tried to kill me while diving during a real small dive in Bali! I don’t count anymore the number of times they have tried to kill me/suicide me, I am just counting the number of time I was close to death: 10 times, including 5 in Malaysia. And I have stopped counting. It seems to be better for France if I die in a foreign country. Easy task in some places. More when they have help.


I am unable to write a word on their torture since two months (except some words on FB…). It began when they convene a ladyboy to my condo, well supervised by the security agents… They have asked other ladydnoys to friendly participate to my torture at a market where I was supposed to stay all day in PJ.  I hate ladyboys.. I hate them more since Indonesia where they paid one. ‘She’ or ‘he’ shown me the huge amount of money just received. The French special agents like (I think it is love) their ladyboys. That’s why hey don’t want to go back to France (they like also hookers and children when they can pay for it…) . They don’t want to go back to France but they have organized different situations where I have been asked to “go back to France”.  These special agents went on tricky things when lighting up on my laptop a hardcore site which normally is not. The link was transformed to a local website dedicated to ‘meet’ people. This day, this website was plenty of pictures of westerner girls living in the vicinity of KL and looking for hot meeting. A real well organized website from the special agents. They can do whatever they want. After two days, their funny hackings (they think it is funny) ceased for a huge torture.


My brain has been washed up during the night programming with hypnosis. A brain washing to the point that I have been insulted during a meeting without being able to answer.  The same happened when I went to a restaurant in Bangsar I used to go before. The first thing was not to have my real order followed by the torture organized by the employees. Even one of the waiter I knew was laughing telling me it was due to his colleagues, mostly one Indian. You may know why, just because of my neighbours. But you don’t know that I have hired an Indian girl who never come although she was truly interested in beginning as fast as possible. People who have participated where French, Malay, Indian, Chinese. There is no specific ‘race’ – as it is said in Malaysia – to participate or to have really bad people in your home range.


It is time for you to understand why I should not be alive. Torture has ever been enough against me. Hence, all I liked, loved has been destroyed. My daughter has been tortured in France and in two foreign countries. It may has been the first real time when I was on my way to become crazy. Friends were important to me with a true notion of what could be a friend. These relationships have been destroyed. The last two old friends I had in France explained to me. The reasons why they have accepted in their home the wires they refused since the beginning: money problem or work problem (sister company to mine). I love women and those we call exotic in my country. They have asked to all girls I was with to participate (one using herself hypnosis on me during night). They have asked women not to do something with me. Worst in Malaysia because it was due to French guys I knew when it was not so hard. Most of the time, the normal reaction was to avoid a person with … so many problems. The list could be as long of what I like/love as the list of what I dislike/hate. Recently again special agents told me in my apartment “we will disgust you with women”. Then, imagine what else they can do trying to succeed… I have got the police and Justice against me in France mainly because of these special agents…


They are here to destroy myself, to destroy all my goods (including the business) hoping I will die from ‘so-called’ natural reasons. They are here to push me in hell, a life impossible to stand. Heaven and hell are not really a unique religious point of view. Heaven exists on Earth and is the consequence of Nature. Hell exists on Earth and is the consequence of mankind. When you are in the middle of hell, since 12 years, you just want an end. You want all these pains to stopped. You want to die. But in the same time, you are hocked to life and you want to live. Believe me, there is no money in such game when you try to kill somebody, quite everyday.




Since the  19th July 2010, the situation of the ultimate torture has been worst and worst. It is simply a killing decide by my Country to be executed in a foreign country where I am living  (see the last articles). It is a daily torture to the death. I have no part of my body which is not painful. But these pains are impossible to bear because of hypnosis. At each time I can hear Special agents talking in French, what is normally nothing serious becomes impossible to bear untill they push me to become crazy of pains. But it seems this is not enough for these murders (yes, it is a determined killing). They need also to destroy all my goods but, beyond, all my businees. An e-commerce is so easy for them to destroy. Thta's what they do usually by changing all information till yesterday. It is impossible now to get access to the website. Then, it is not only a killing of a person, it is also a killing of a business. France don't really like green business, except if you are talking about nuclear power. For memory:



  •    After having lodged two complaints in Malaysia, I have been tortured all the nights also and they regularly provoke me heart attacks (quite everyday) followed by huge torture (office, apartment).
  • They have destroyed all my goods, personal and business ones (including the car) 
  • Now, it is simply murder attempts everyday, including when they regularly tell me how much money I should get... only in their sick mind. Then, no chance to survive.


They gave enough money, actually to any person they have asked to participate in. Could be neighbours, could be bars or restaurants, could be anybody>

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