"I will never stop" ... to kill !

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Actually, I did not know what to talk about in the 'Ultimate torture' category. I did not know as I have tried to stay alive all the week... pushed everyday to commit a suicide. Till this evening. Standing a so huge torture during more than an hour, screaming to the death. It was so painful. For what reason ?


I received a phone call form my daughter and I had to call her back. Immediately, the ultime torture began. It was impossible to call back ! Impossible to send a SMS. On the two mobiles I have, both had the line cut ! Thanks to the suppliers. No doubt, it was not a hazard. Even outside the apartment, at the swimming pool, they were going on. Somebody was there in swimming shirt but don't count on anybody when these crazy killers have decided your death. Nowhere to escape. It would have been the same treatment everywhere. That's the way when they decide to suicide you, to torture you till the death as it could happen.when your body can't stand anymore such level of torture.


You may know now the famous sentence of one of these guys (with her female voice) : "I will never stop" ! I've heard that several times in the middle of their nasty job they enjoy so much. They use to say to people it was a joke. Using hypnosis was the instrument to know what he is thinking, secret thoughts to be given to other people as a gift for their joking usage. They never say they gave to specific people my thoughts, ideas, speech, works for official usage. That one which let you thinking that its author could be smart.


When I did not want to read any topics or hear their questions to push me to think on that, I have been tortured. I was refusing the slavery state as I have known during a decade, then they have decided to torture me. Like a slave when you consider he is not useful anymore. A slave you can kill considering 'it' costs nothing. An animal you can easely replace by another one. A sub-human you separate from his family. A beast to which you show his daughter been tortured. A dog who could do nothing for her child. A Slave ! Now, a slave knows he can do nothing except trying to stay alive, doing his best for 'his Master'. Sometimes, the slave is rewarded. Not with a sugar. Something like a canddy - a girl who has accepted - a sweetness you can retreive immediately. A Slave who knows that staying straits looking to these Masters of the Master - Masters of the world of a unique country - will cost him a lot. A slave who knows that insulting those who have insulted him, tortured him, made barbarian acts on him, those who humiliate him with their acts, the slave knows he is risking is life. But the slave stand. He is not dead yet, surely a day, but till his last breath, he will talk. And he will talk more and more.


Don't beware the dog, beware the special services. They have no rules except to do their job even wearing a panty, just to suit their voice. I have no tears anymore. I have cried so many times for my daughter. I have no tears anymore.

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