In the “Hoockers’ world”, everybody hates everybody but …

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… not in the torture’s world. Let me give you an example. Last Saturday (27/03/10), I was shopping at a supermarket. A guy with simple clothes just beside me was shopping too… He was hesitating between a tomatoes’ brand with another one. I was hesitating also between different vegetables. And when I went on, I heard suddenly the famous female voice for the first time. Always in my back, it is better not to be seen ! It was the beginning with the first symptoms : I was sweating a lot among other pains or physical problems which came later…

This guy with simple clothes and some potential purchases in his arms went out the supermarket at the same time as me… without any products !! I now since more than ten years that I had special services on my back. Those inside my country and their colleagues outside the French territory. What we usually call ‘Intelligence Service’ for the last one (Intelligence, action, and manipulation… in foreign countries) and ‘Surveillance Service’ for the first one (anti-terrorism, anti-intelligence, action, intelligence… for home territory). In this hookers’ world, they have neither God, nor Master, nor … family, except maybe their own state’s master. In this world, Surveillance Service from a country hates Intelligence Service from a foreign country. And it is like a dark battle, a real one. It could happen sometimes that they work together in case of huge threat. In my case, no international threat except for those who had strengthened me with death (my daughter too), thinking they may get problems. A dead guy is no more a threat. So, said I, in my case, they Love each others, as queens may love. They work together in the beautiful world of torture : intelligence service from my country with Surveillance service from every country in which I may stay.

That was not the worst, not at all. When I am staying in a bar, restaurant or shopping, actually in most of the locations I should go back, they have installed wires and speakers. It means that the owners have accepted. For what ? It’s up to you to find the answer. But same things are hapening to me. Is that all ? No. Because when I was shopping at the supermarket, the guy, that one with simple clothes from Surveillance service, simply used his cell phone to make me hearing these female voices, these queens voices. Just with a special number which anybody is able to use. For fun ! And in that supermarket (or others) different people where using their cell phones, hidden behind products. For fun ! Therefore, I should say that a lot of people had fun practicing torture ! Why ? After a long time of presence in the same location, it is impossible not to know some of the symptoms I was able to get. Even if you are not able to see any pains on my face, I can assure you that it is sometimes, most of the time, terrible. And I am escaping.

So, we can see the truly nature of people. Some kind of ancient mankind nature, a simple beast able of violence for foods, for nothing when somebody appears weak, not as strong as you. Even for women, ‘weak’ by condition, able to practice torture when they know they have a sort of protection. The essence of the hippocampus, oldest part of our brain, with our ancestral animal behavior. Horrible ! Most horrible when these queens of special services are asking people to push their children to do so ! Horrible ! Whithout no doubt the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, maybe because I have a daughter. Horrible ! Maybe also because one day, in Indonesia, I have got the special number in use there ! A trick so simple : a message (SMS) was going from a mobile to another one telling people to use that special phone number against that ‘so special guy’. Horrible ! Maybe because of a friend who told me that children had been receiving an SMS telling them to use that special phone number and not to hesitate to contact a phone number to get an explanation. He did so. He gave me a small explanation in return, so cluttered by what he was just learning. Horrible ! Maybe because my own lawyer did nothing with that special number. Horrible ! Maybe because I have seen several persons using this special number against me, just dialing a number on the cell phone, turning the mobile speaker toward me to hear these fucking female voices. Horrible ! Just because I have seen their glance embarrassed for a short while, turning off their mobile and going on their way. More horrible when they are smiling !

Horrible is the right word for such situation. Because of that, people are able to practice torture without using their hand, making torture so easier. Simple tools no ? With hypnosis and a cell phone, you can make somebody becoming totally crazy in the street. Horrible !


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