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(Source: Al Jazzera, 16/09/2010) The EU Minister of Justice, talking about ROMs who have been deported of France, said this treatment reminded her the Nazis period as we have not seen that since the World War II, focusing on the French President politics, N. Sarkozy. Al Jazeera reported that the French President was "shocked" to hear this speech while he justified that eviction because of security problems. Then, the EU Minister of Justice regreted what she said but added that ROMS were European members and, as such, were allowed to travel through Europe and to stay where they wanted too.


I treated personally the French special agents as Nazis because of what they did, and do, to me (to my daughter also by the way). I don't regret at all my speech. They are barbarians acting on orders...


About the ROMs, it may be interesting to know that recent French laws give any city the obligation to provide specific locations for "travelling people", like ROMs. Suggesting 'security' problems sounds like 'national security'... of whom?. It is true that, sometimes, the presence of 'travelling people' mared the 'usual' tranquility because of some thieveries. But most of the time, cities complaining are cities which don't want to apply the law.


When you are different, when you know embarassing things, beieve me, your place is not in France. But worst, you need to find a place where France has a no power if you want to stay quiet, to stay in peace.


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