Never say what Sarkozy is not, otherwise …

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You may get huge problems.


Last Sunday, I was having lunch in a restaurant and I had a discussion on different topics. One of them, which became the most important one, was about Global Warming. When you talk on that main issue, it appears difficult not to mention what is going on in different countries.


 Actually, I was criticizing Sarkozy, explaining that he was showing himself as the Green European politician, title he can’t get at all. Actually, the first French governmental plan in favor of Green technologies was so poor that it can’t even have the green stamp. When back in my country, the government decided to prepare a second step of the plan. That one was worth the case as it was scheduling regional solar farm without evoking nuclear power plants.


A few months later (not in good shape) reading articles, I learned that even one Euro has been spent in these two programs, meaning at least between 18 months and two years after the first plan became officially. Thus, France has nothing to see with Germany, which is green since many years with the first Hydrogen gas station, nothing to see with England which is developing more and more small renewable technologies, nothing to see with Spain which has already 3 or 4 solar power plants, and, of course, nothing to see with northern European countries.


That was my speech when, suddenly, French female and male voices arrived in my back. I have got a big headache and it became difficult to speak good English as it was the case before. No huge pains as usual to push me to crash my head, to commit a suicide or to scream, but pain enough to push me to get off this place. Their speeches were so loud that it was impossible not to hear. Therefore, do never say what Sarkozy is not … Curiously, I am not at all in favor of SarKozy. More, my ‘religion’ is: without Sarkozy. Then, is there any place around the world where a political opponent can live in peace, although I am liberal in the American Democrat meaning?

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