Plot around the plot : how to magnify the policy of torture

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As Henri the Third had its "mignons" or ‘cute gentlemen’ - killers in the name of their king with their blades, a democracy has today its "mignons" or ‘big queens’ - killers in the name of the king-state with their little blades. Conspiracies chamber sweat also outside with the ferocity of the "mignons" who were not allowed to get in a room. Then, they are mocking and jeering after each severe deal blown to their target (don’t forget we are talking on torture). Therefore, the state of the art of sentences – not the art of torture – must be unveiled today. These are the famous sentences of beards (not under cover) who are laughing after saying :


 1- "Ca va recommencer" - "It gonna start again" : it has never stopped since 11 years (except some ‘cooler’ months in 2004…)

2- "Ca va s’arreter" – "It gonna stop" : again, they have never stopped their torture.

3- "on t’a tous jure que tu allais gagner beaucoup d’argent" – "we all swear you that you were going to make lots of money" : Often in the worst moment, just to get my acceptance of that idea. It is worst when my answer is "bullshit"; torture and torture again. Curious for somebody who is told to earn a lot of money. And the last time I said again "bullshit", their answer was "piss-off"! After a small deception, they were laughing again when I said " go preach your holy words to the followers of your sect." Actually, the things went in the opposite way 2 times ! They did all possible, and succeed, to make me losing all my money. Twice ! At each time I’ve made good financial investments – really good such 100% return, the killing machine of my wealthy was devastating.

4- "On va t’assassiner" – "we gonna assassinate you" : it is always what they tried to do just after or before that sentence. Actually, they are not using any weapon like gun but other tools, including hypnosis or trafficking the car…

5- "On va te suicider" – "We gonna suicide you" : it is always what they did after or before such sentence.

6- "Mais qu’est-ce que tu veux que je fasse" – "But what do you want me to do" : coming each time from a male voice and after a huge moment of torture. We may complain that agent of special services (secret service in the Shakespeare language) could be afraid to be obliged to come back to its country to present his deepest respects to his Minister. This sentence may be the worst for me as they torture me at the same time in only one way which is to suicide me. The last example was Wednesday, the 13th of April 2010, at my office. After a day of work on Internet for the business, they have decided to destroy all while torturing me. Horrible !


I don’t know for you, but I am wondering which sentence should be awarded in my nomination list. When you know that they have files on each part of my whole life, including when I was a child, I imagine the number of hours they took to make me talking during the night. What for ? sometimes to remind me things I have forgotten, most of the time to try to use things as it should appear as a weakness for others. When it was not a weakness, and it was most of the time the case, the gauze roll machine was working : telling again and again the same thing, torturing me again and again in the same time, asking to people in the street to say the same …


So, you would tell me why that title ‘How to magnify the policy of torture’ ? Actually, except my case, I have learned by a journalist of Le Monde (article in the newspaper’s blog) that the French special service (DST for the anti-intelligence) went to Guantanamo in order to help the US military (1). Do you guess how ? Besides, French articles have mentioned the practice of torture in different European Countries on Terrorists – or so-called terrorist for those who were not sentenced of such acts – while they were on the secret way to Guantanamo after their capture. I let you making your opinion. What ? Why ‘plot around the plot’ ? At the beginning of my terrible story, all my closest relationships have been told to use that term arguing I was convinced of such plot, even if I had never used it ! And actually, what is the best strategy to use when rumors or formal attacks are thrown on somebody who really did something ? The answer is just to turn back the situation explaining you are the cleanest person in the world, or to talk yourself of plot …


What to say when you know that I have traveled in European countries and that my last residence were in the same city as the headquarters of DST, the French special service. Lastly, they are over the law (I really need to find back the French article on their recent abuses but here is another one in the same meanings (2)). Hell is not only a figment of the imagination, nor a religious idea. Hell exist on earth, created by human, or should I say by people without human being behavior.


By the way, I should mention, as per the request of these hidden agent (through their wires), that I made a mistake in my last article about the statistics. It was written that after the publication of my first article on the torture, 262 unique visitors came to read my blog that day (a Sunday). And the day after, this data became 1 unique visitors. They remind me the reality : it was not 1 but 9 unique visitors ! This statistic came from a second web meter I installed a long time ago. Because, the statistics of over-blog are not representative of the reality since a really long time. Maybe my blog had too much success … But even if I don’t have the good data, I know when I have a lot of visitors ! Just because when you click on my blog or an article, at each time a new window for an ad is opening !!! Even if I told the webmasters to put an end to these practices a long time ago.


Maybe a day (if I am still alive after so many attempts to my life) I will explain you what is the contemporary definition of SLAVERY.


(Or something on the tools used to modify any kind of document when you have a computer. Therefore, I should use the classic warning " I am not responsible of the contents when changed by third parties although I use software to protect my intellectual property")


(1) Another article on this news :


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