Searching for protection against torture.

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I am truly searching for protection against torture... against French special agent... against 12 years of horrible torture nowadays in public.


It seems to be difficult to get it when you are French.

1- This is not a country with a civil war and it would be difficult to have one because of the huge presence of police/special services in all areas. I guess that any kind of threats, like bomb attacks from terrorists, may push the government to declare a martial law...

2- This is not a country well known for its actions against human rights although France has been fined several times by the EU justice on that matter during the last two decades (left wing / right wing).

3- French people are not listed as countrymen looking easily for political asylum. In the reality, some French people found political asylum - not only those with a lot of money - others have decided to take another notionality, others have decided to never come back to France. I am sure they were looking for a better life - and they have got, maybe something else to be proud of.


The French special agents have a new game. They have added more wires (transmitters/receivers) in all rooms of my apartment. Thus, they have decided to torture me more during the nights if I am switching off the air-cond. This is their best game, using a source of noises while talking. Because of the programming, impossible to fall asleep and most of the time these moments are real torture. When the air-cond is turned off, they use a harmer to regularly hit on something in iron, hits which are ringing out in my bedroom. They proceeds such a way every night, having me programed to become crazy, not only to prevent me to sleep. The day after, they usually ask people to laugh at me.


Without any sleep, they brainwashed me. Then, the door is opened to everything: physical torture mainly but also a lot of other bad things. My resistance has been vanished. It has never been such horrible in a long period...

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