Survivor Man : The ultimate torture

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This article to be written will talk about a man surviving an extreme torture since 11 years. This man is ... me ! A torture with a new tool. No malicious machine, just hypnosis and all the IT equipment for wires, speakers, cameras. Seems for people to be something you can laught with, or laught at. But the reality is so different. A torture so violent, so painfull. What do you think of electricity used on men balls during the war in Algeria ? You can do the same with hypnosis and it is just like a dessert. Why the ultimate torture ? Just because the french special services are on my back day and night with one main idea : to kill me. No doubt that the main idea is to push me to commit a suicide and actually I really know what can feel those who would prefer euthanasia instead of fighting so huge and continious pains. No drugs, no pills can help you. And at a moment, you prefer to die. But not me. I don't want to die, I don't want to be a French slave anymore. That's the reason of the ultimate torture.

I hope to be able to write that article. Otherwise you will understand why it was not possible : impossible to bear, to stand such a level of torture or they will have succeed. 

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