To tell who I saw: a reason for my death?

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It seems to be the same story. In 2004, when Sarkozy, the actual French President, was not anymore Home Minister, nothing happened to me and my daughter. Therefore I have answered questions telling people I knew who I saw in the street in 2001 before being tortured till the death in the office of the company I was working for (GDF) and my apartment.


A day, I saw in the street J. Chirac, the French President at that time, in a normal car passing and looking at me. It was not far from my office in Levallois. Surprising no? Was it him? Sure he was. Because the second time I saw him was when back to my car parked not far from my office. I was coming back from an appointment with my lawyer - if he had been a day - to talk about threats from top managers and the torture. As soon as I went in my car, I heard the special agent telling me: "martial, look, it is the French President", followed by a:"let's give up he did not see him". Actually, I saw him just at that moment and saw also his sudden bad face in a 'normal' car. Maybe has he heard the same thing in the car I've heard too?? Later on, end of 2001, I saw somebody else in the same condition, I mean in a normal car. It was L. Jospin, the French prime Minister in Asnieres. It was during the evening when I was walking from a DVD store to my apartment nearby. He made a negative sign from his head. It was the end. My end, my torture with moments in which I was not sure to stay alive. Actually, they were so close to succeed one day, a week-end with my so young daughter.


I have never told anybody at that time how I saw otherwise I will have been throwned in a psychiatric hospital. I think it was the game. Their game. Actually, the first time I did not believe I saw the real French President (right wing) and prime Minister (left wing) after having checked on a government webiste (for the most recent pictures). I checked at the office. As I was under surveillance there - at least by the vice officer in charge of the international division - I have heard somebody asking him why I was checking the President and Ministerr pictures (uit gives an idea on what my colleagues were participating). He answered I was checking because I really saw them (ie the president and prime minister as he said). When you hear such answer, you beleive I saw them during an official appointment... Whatever. This has been my end and the beginning of an enormous torture, till the death, till I was sacked for the first time by that company. There is a second time, there is always a second time for a slave.


This weekend I explained this part to 2 French guys in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur because there is not much else to say about my situation, my business, except torture, to make me totally crazy, to destroy all, my death. Since I have explained this situation, the torture became the hell. The French special agents like it. I did not realize the reason (if there is one again today) untill they told me it was because of my explanation on who I saw. Then, if I must die for such silly reason, for something which happened 9 years ago, I must write it down. The worst in this story: I have been told that I can't prove the political reason for 12 years of torture, the tenth times I was cloose to death, the destruction of all my goods, the same on my daughter, no more life at all even people can see me, meet me on the street, in a restaurant (I must eat).


The Australina High Commissioner did not recived my explanation when I asked for a political asylum. It seemed that my story did not sound like a political one. My torture story began with the Left wing followed by the right wing for the worst, always because of Sarkozy (he had been a really long time Home Minister and, today, he is the French President).


I think I am a dead man coming back to the torture some guys are pleased to call suffering. Suffering is the dedicated word for people with psychologic problems. Nothing to see with physical torture. By the way, after I learned about huge bribes, the torture came on while the goal in my company was to suicide me - I really have heard that. Many years later, many employees of two former state-owned companies suicide themselves at their offices... I owe you another truth. After the story of the bribes I did not talk about, except to my officer and to the vie officer in charge of the international division, I have heard a conversation without being seen. It was between the vice chief executive officer in charge of the International activities and the deputy financial chief officer. The second one cited my name telling the first one it was a massacre, That I did not know why and, more, I did not understand at all. He aded that everybody knew that I had to replace him (the vice chief executive officer) and that everybody knew why. I left the place immediately after having heard him telling he was on his way to see the Chairman of our company as he just saw me and knew I was still in the office. Nothing came after except an on-going torture (my daughter too) and gratifications for others.


Today, I am obliged to think to put an end to my life as they make me totally crazy quite every day, torturing me and causing me continuous pains (some are new and particularly horrible). I don't want to live anymore in a daily pains (night also), I can't resist anymore.

It is quite 2AM when trying to write down this article and these fucking French special agents are torturing me to make me crazy and to push me to commit a suicide. Nobody can resist 12 years of torture, nobody can resist torture days and nights as it is since more than 3 months, nobody can resist to the continuous huge pains.


nb: the day after was as much horrible as it was during the evening and night.

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