What France inspires abroad: Revolution and bloody death.

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What France inspires abroad: Revolution and bloody death.


Today I won’t talk about daily murder attempts under torture using hypnosis. I won’t talk neither about the quite daily threats from Special agents (not sure I am dealing only with the French) they did or make before or after threatening: to suicide me (they try more than often), to kill me (they’d rather do it in a military way but the French madness reminds them to suicide me as it was the case in my former employer headquarters), to sodomize me (they did so in Paris but not only, during the night using hypnosis) and today to fuck me (it is just a change in their behaviours but they are still using their female voice they like so much). They never threaten to torture me because it is what they do everyday and nights. They really enjoy entering (so a break-in) my apartment during the day but they prefer the same during the night, all nights, while I am normally sleeping. In my case, I have no consciousness of what happens or what they do to me during nights because of hypnosis. It has been the case one night in Indonesia while I was sleeping with what I thought a girl friend. She explained what happened to her friends in Bahasa, telling she could even slap me or hit me without being able to ‘awake’ me while I was doing things without consciousness. These last days have been horrible because of the excruciating pains nobody can bear all along the days.


So then, why France would inspire foreign countries revolution and bloody death?


As a matter of facts, the French Prime Minister went for private Christmas holidays in Egypt. His stay was followed one month later by a … Revolution (troubles are persisting there even today). Another story has had the same effect: the Foreign Minister went to Tunisia for private Christmas holidays, stay which was followed also by a Revolution. Hence, the stays of two French Ministers abroad for their holidays have been followed by Revolutions. It seems to be so curious, like a relation between causes and effects. In both cases, voices raised to reproach them the personal benefits they have got during their private holidays. (and I personaly add that I went in both countries for holidays  to get tortured by the French special agents: 2001 Egypt, 2002 Tunisia and really worst in 2005 Egypt, 2006 Tunisia). The Arabic world is today shaken by ‘revolutions’ as it concerns 7 countries. Egypt was the first one. What are people in the street asking for? They call for a real democratic country and the end of CORRUPTION. Just have a look at the news (better those in English) to read these facts. In quite all the countries where a revolution went on or is going on, blood and death have been spilled.


Libya is the bloodiest country for repression. The US have immediately closed their Embassy and all relation with that country. That is not the case of France. The US did not sell any weapon to Libya after the attempts to get closer with a Regime who seemed to open itself. France sold military weapons to Libya. The US froze all the assets belonging to Kadhafi (or Gaddafi depending on the news) while France is investigating on the assets belonging to Kadhafi.


France has recently entered military agreements or other agreement with countries which did something against torture: Australia and Great Britain. In the case of Australia, the second country in the world with a law against torture, the agreement with the US in the beginnings of November 2010 was forecasted by Aljazeera for the press conference. This live broadcast allowed us to hear the military part of the agreement based on a naval cooperation to help maintaining peace, mainly for the South-East Asia and Oceania part. France was cited two times (with France) for such matter (due to the presence of an official within the audience we could not see) although the public written agreement is mainly dedicated to the spatial supervision of the fragments/debris (globalsecurity.org/…/mil-101108-afps0… : “U.S., Australia Agree to Cooperation Initiatives”) for which France entered the same official agreement with the US (February 2010). In the case of Great Britain, country which recently offered a financial agreement to former ‘tortured’ Guantanamo prisoners, France is proposing to take a resolution against Libya although EU will vote such a resolution against that country, which poses the question of the real content of the agreement proposed by France.


The same question could be asked for the military cooperation within South-East Asia as France has no real interest (or territory), had no strategy for such region. Except maybe my presence, the use of wires and hypnosis to be considered as tools against terrorism and a pale replica of the network “Frenchelon”, the equivalent of the US Echelon. Both networks are working with military satellites and allow special services (NSA for the US, former DST for France) to catch and record any hand phone conversation, to catch and copy any fax, any mail… A pale replica is used here just because of the lack of military satellite and the use of other spying tools. Wires everywhere are not the only device. France and other westerner countries have also other tools which allow special services to enter your own computer (pc, laptop) in order to get any file, and sometimes to put their own files or to change files: they simply use the electrical wiring to make their programs reaching their targets, as it is the case with electrical transmission networks where radio signals are used to cut off high voltage transmission.


I have been aware of such tool in 2000 as it was used against me (under torture when they were changing files) and because EDF tried to market (ad in a newspaper) the equivalent of Internet box/terminal which was working only with the electrical wiring. If you think it was not for real, then you must be informed that Sarkozy, at least President of France, wanted to pass a law authorizing police forces to use such tools! Again, anybody will be able to find this information in the French newspapers because it has been considered like a threat to individual freedom and, I would say, to the Democratic principles.


Should I be frightened while writing these lines? Not more than living under threats of death, daily torture, murder attempts… since 13 years. A daily torture prevents most of the time to write facts, to write things when it is not a point of view based on facts. The trafficking of your Internet connection prevents also to do what you want. Once again, should I be frightened to write these lines? Not really according to the statement of the UN in February 2011 (“UN Statement on WikiLeaks: USA, Australia, Take Note”, 2/19/2011, http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=625580):

“In light of ongoing developments related to the release of diplomatic cables by the organization Wikileaks, and the publication of information contained in those cables by mainstream news organizations, the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression and the Inter- American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression see fit to recall a number of international legal principles. The rapporteurs call upon States and other relevant actors to keep these principles in mind when responding to the aforementione developments.

1.The right to access information held by public authorities is a fundamental human right subject to a strict regime of exceptions. The right to access to information protects the right of every person to access public information and to know what governments are doing on their behalf…

2… In accordance with international standards, information regarding human rights violations should not be considered secret or classified.


4. Direct or indirect government interference in or pressure exerted upon any expression or information transmitted through any means of oral, written, artistic, visual or electronic communication must be prohibited by law when it is aimed at influencing content. Such illegitimate interference includes politically motivated legal cases rought against journalists and independent media, and blocking of websites and web domains on political grounds. …



As you may have understood, repression – and retaliation even in a democratic country - covers not limited ways. Among countries which like using different tools, France is today the first country using psychiatry and false information to get the approval on illegal acts people would maybe understand lately (not those who participate actively). At that moment, it is too late. To let a Government using its special service to ask judges for makeing real/fake documents (see my previous articles with newspapers sources) does not honor our parliament representatives. I should say it is more than that because such deflection in the use of the power given by a nation entitle us to say that France is not anymore a Democracy!


I am still alive and can even today say things, say the truth. The truth is almost a disturbing thing to most of people and to governments. The world wants a democratic way of life, whatever could be the religions, with less corruption (no corruption at all is impossible, even in France, See my article “bribes: a worldwide game”). I would have prefer to live a normal life, without hypnosis and the use of it to torture me, to treat me like a real slave, to use my work , my ideas and my thoughts, even at the highest level, as I have ever been considered  as somebody with a huge level of analysis skill. I have never been wrong in my forecasts, including that concerning me: I have only seen my death since many years. Such a level of huge torture and murder attempts are there to prove it. My knowledge of bribes (more than USD500,000 in mid 90s) was not the only death sentence: the torture of my daughter  when she was still a baby was another one. I know that I will die a day, surely sooner than I thought because of this huge and excruciating torture. But even dead, my daughter will never be safe because she knows part of the truth and she has heard the special agent talking while using wires, what causes her torture with hypnosis.


Sarkozy m’a tue”…. With the glance of so many witnesses, the participation of so many people and other interests. I am glad to have red recently that the only real governmental act from Sarkozy was a total mess: “SECURITY”. An enormous budgetary spending for nothing. Worst, the Sarkozy “family”, or close friends, were those who were talking about the protection of your children while they were giving the orders to torture mine. Regarding “Security” and the mass surveillance, specialists of that matter have already said and written that it was not working against terrorism (huge ways for a few result). I was glad also when I red that magistrates (those for investigations) won recently big cases and that one of them was investigating on past facts in which he was able to find the trace of Sarkozy’s bribes (“Retour en force des affaires et des juges d’instructions”, http://fr.news.yahoo.com/4/20101226/tts-france-bilan-justice-ca02f96.html). Another one shown that the French ‘war’ among the RPR party - the former right wing UMP - led 10 years later (lInternet ink added the 10/11/2011 with a French article on deadly attempt in Pakistan  related to corruptions and bribes in a weapons contract: http://www.frenchleaks.fr/-Affaire-Karachi-.html) to a bombing attempt in a foreign country (I think the magistrate needs more time to set up clearly the evidences). These magistrates Sarkozy wanted to get rid of and to replace by prosecutors he will have appointed, not elected like it is in the US… I am glad to note that I thought Sarkozy more or less a right extremist - see my previous article(s) - and not the representative of the right wing which is likely to be the case when he spoke against Muslims. He is seeing today too many minarets in France although he was the Home Minister proposing the construction of Mosques In France and the appointment of an official representative of the Islamic movement in France. What for? To please a new integrated French population who can vote or for a better surveillance of this (these) movement(s)?. Because of his declaration and the reaction of deputies, he is now more prone to use “laic” at any time (may I remind that he was the first to stop the process of Turkey integration in the EU community not because of the biggest Asian territory but because of the Muslim religion. A day, a news reported that he said to his entourage that he wouldn’t do more than two (Presidency) and I thought He wouldn’t do more than two… arrests per day.


Sarkozy m’a tue” in the middle of the highest decay of France, that one he has created with a consensus on hypnosis and torture. I can’t stand (bear) and face such level of torture.

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