I owe you some truths (or the ways to suicide somebody)

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First of all, gratitude to all my readers who have chosen “Mr Messier won’t commit a suicide” regarding the lottery (see previous article of 12th November 2010).


Nevertheless, others have chosen the first choice (“Mr Messier will commit a suicide”) . It does not include those not entitled to participate... I am not sure that we can count them in the 4000-5000 visits to my blog which have disappeared from my statistics (quite the same with my business statistics). Don’t worry, statistics do not allow YOU/ME to get any private address or coordinates as it is just data (visitors, visits…).


Coming back to the torture’s story and truths I owe you, here are some information:


1- Curiusly, my lawyer sent me a mail in July (a real  or fake one sent by special agents ????) to announce that I lost my trial (labour) against my former company (GDF). Actually, I remember a discussion we had a long time before I left France in which he told me I lost my case and it could be a good thing to make an appeal... Usually, when the result has been given, it is immediately followed by an official notice. Even if August is a period of holidays for the French Justice, I curiously did not receive any notice, neither directly nor by my lawyer. Was it a coincidence with the announcement by the government of the cabinet reshuffle to come a couple of months later (actually 5/6 months)? I don’t really know but 4 months later my lawyer announcement, the cabinet reshuffle has been quickly done last week-end. Clearly, I have lost all my trials – including that against my neighbours – whatever could be the evidences I gave… I did not ask the French Justice to make a lot of decisions, only a few when the situation was really serious and when I was able to do so. I mean that most of the time, the police had refused any official complaint, sometimes when it was possible to check facts or from the moment I was an embarrassment.


2- My suicide is not the only goal as the French Special Agents tampered with my car brakes, a car totally wired. Then, I have no more brakes in the most difficult driving situation (rainy moment), in the middle of torture. Usually, brakes are functioning normally immediately after I have avoided a huge car crash. Special agents do again the same in a less dangerous situation. It happened to me two weeks ago and they did the same in France with my car which was quite new. If I die in a car crash, everybody will ‘officially’ say that I commit a suicide. Clearly, it is not in such condition that I would like to die (even if I was obliged to commit a suicide). In conclusion, they often tamper with my car brakes when they begin a period to kill me.


2- Let’s get back to events in Levallois-Perret, the city I was living in for many years.  The first move out was due to the torture I was subjected to in…1997. Suddenly, all my neighbours moved out before the start of the torture which happened only at the office at the beginnings. It has been followed by the same in my apartment. My next to kin told me not to commit a suicide, although I was not in such a situation but in a very bad shape (physically and psychologically) as I totally cracked one day. They were informed of my condition – ie that I was under hypnosis – like my former friends. I was not informed at all but I was wondering what could have provoked such sudden pains/problems! The first explanation to be evoked was a ‘test’ to push me to go abroad, according to a colleague, a research to avoid frail/weak people for an expatriate situation for another colleague. Nobody thought of the dangerousness of such treatment and those who saw it (in public location) moved further apart such situation. Nobody thought it was a real torture as the main physical things were done apart from the glance of ‘witnesses’ or because people were not able to see it because I am (I was?) tough. I had the ability at that time to control any of my reactions. It is impossible today after having been brainwashed or because I prefer to leave the place before I totally crack under their continuous torture.

Do you believe you can stand such treatment from a company, helped since the beginning by (state) special agents, just because you refused a post abroad (Argentine)?

Do you believe that you can mentally control your heart beat? I can assure you that some people can. I did so a day when my daughter was making me a long hug while looking at television. She told me she was so surprised to hear my high level of beat. My answer was to shut down the television and to ask her to hear again closely as I will make my heart beat going down. I passed from 180 beat to 60 (it is normally my beat when relaxed)! My daughter was so astonished asking me how I did it! When you can manage to drop your beat when concentrating, imagine what can do people on you using your brain and hypnosis…


3- The second apartment I was staying in from 1998 to 200I was, again. at Levallois-Perret, near my office, the headquarters of GDF. It was a beautiful apartment – two storeys - totally wired (‘bugs’ everywhere). It was so wired that I was able to hear from the ceiling people walking where it was my bedroom with thick carpet.

After having learned bribes, after having been threatened by the Chairman of our subsidiaries in Latin America, the same torture was a kind of research for paranoiac people aimed to be expatriated in Mexico, according to my ex. What might have been the causes of torture after I and my daughter have been threatened with death by seniors and top managers, threats followed by actions? You can’t imagine one second all the horrors I have been told by my ex, sometimes my family (not so big as quite everybody is dead) and some ‘friends’. You can’t imagine that the torture got worst and worst during the years. Can you believe to fall in love because somebody is using hypnosis for that reason and you don’t know it? Can you believe to be described as a mad person because you went to the hospital for your baby having terrible diarrhoea and some bloods she can die with (they did on huge diarrhoea and bloods but I am an adult able to drink)? Can you believe to be helpless although you saw your only neighbour (Ms Gard) showing a policeman* the control-computer for torture and informing him I was watching behind my closed door? (* he actually was an agent with the police uniform as I will have seen him in different situations). 

Maybe you can’t believe all of that (except if you knew/know the situation) but you will surely believe that I moved out in 2001 because my neighbour (Mr Gard) threatened to simply kill my daughter. We have been both tortured. My daughter was a four-year-old girl in 2001.

What was astonishing also is that nothing happened to me in Levallois-Perret when a UMP candidate took over the former and actual Mayor of Levallois-Perret, P. Balkany, the best friend of the actual French President who is from all official visits. Or maybe was it because of the former neighbours who refused to do something (as I know) before moving abroad. Who knows?

What you have to know is that I resigned by writing in 2000 because of the torture. I had money (1 Million French francs at that time) and time. They asked me to come back on my resignation while reassuring me. I did so because of the two-week huge torture in my apartment and because I believed that maybe some days they will stop. In reality, they were preparing my death and the lost of all my goods/values, helped by Special Agents.


4- From 2001 to 2002 in Asnieres.


I moved in a new apartment in April 2001 at Asnieres Sur Seine already wired before I was in.

Since a long time, my former company has tried to force me to be followed by a psychiatric, asking the first time for an interview in order to know if I was able to ‘hold’ a job with responsibilities, those I had before bad treatments which followed the bribes story, those who have senior managers/top managers with the appointment and salary I did not get. They did not succeed several times. Hence, they asked my ex to use legal ways for that goal after our separation although you are not obliged to see the Justice when you are not married (just guess why). They used also other ways to help her to succeed, including torture. In 2001, they were close to suicide me a Sunday when I was with my daughter: I took three big steps and I simply jumped (at least two meters long and 1.5 meters high) on to the concrete top of the balcony. At that moment, I was not anymore able to hear all these huge noises all around the apartment and ‘woke up’ suddenly…

I am sure that now you will believe that people can suicide somebody, making him totally crazy (noises, pains, words), hence pushing him to jump from the window. Even if I was aware of I was under hypnosis - from end of 1999, at least -  you can’t control all of your reactions caused by programming with hypnosis. A top manager told me a day if I was not hypochondriac. I am not at all and I can’t avoid all diseases provoked by hypnosis, all pains provoked when looking at television (same for my daughter) which end when you switch off TV.

I told nobody what happened during the week-end when back at the office. Nevertheless, I overheard a conversation from colleagues. One was telling another exactly what happened adding it was very serious although they had been told the contrary! Top managers I was able to hear in my apartment (their voices were coming from other apartments) blackmailed everybody to make people believing that it was not serious in one hand, arguing for sure I was mad in the other hand. It was just the preparation of my official torture (and suicide) in the office, in my apartment, in my car, in Asnieres’ streets…

Following the previous article of the 12th November 2002, you will have understood why I have been sacked by my company beginnings of 2002, even if I was working under torture, surely less than normally (both because of torture and my decision). It was impossible to get in the office without any serious reason officially evoked. I have seen years later a tampered document from the company’s doctor in which it was written that I had a sick note for a long illness. Nothing was serious from the dates to the arguments nonexistent as it is difficult to transform an official torture to an official illness. Maybe they did not have enough time to prepare a ‘solid’ case against me although I have seen official documents from Justice stamped by a single case number first, stamped with the same number preceded by “RG”. Was it for Renseignements Generaux, a simple French Intelligence Service, or a Registration File as I have been told later on?


5- From 2002 to 2003 with the mix of politics.

I was unable to do a lot for months after having been sacked. It has been torture even when traveling in France, everywhere I went. But I may say that beginnings of 2002 were ‘quite’. I was not anymore at the office. I gave up the file with my lawyer who did not do anything (I have heard one of the top managers commenting my discussion with my lawyer when he was going out). In brief, I was not anymore a danger for them as long as I was under surveillance by Special Agents. But at each time I had a girl friend (they accepted the situation unless they decided to participate), the end was always the same: torture if it was a pleasant relationship.

It was quite until a Deputy election. The Mayor of Asnieres, Aeschliman, a close friend to N. Sarkozy, was candidate. He was young and had an interesting speech as it was a local one, not a national one like a political dominant trend (UMP). You must know that I was urged by those using wires (mainly the vice chief executive officer) to take a political commitment. I did not want to do so because I voted in the past for the change, not really for a party. Actually I am liberal – and I will always be- with social values but those using hypnosis put a lot of different things in my head depending on the moment. In brief, I thought it was a good idea to give him a support letter. I gave it at a polling station to a woman who was one of his personal assistants. She was really happy and told me that Aeschliman will be too because of what happened.

In brief, the right wing took over all posts and they decided to ‘erase’ me after some months. More serious things happened to me beginning of 2003. Believe me, it is impossible not to scream under physical torture and it was a huge one. It was a torture not only in my apartment but also in Asnieres’ streets. At no time I lose it in the streets! A day, people came to my apartment: guys wearing national policemen uniforms, a psychiatric with her assistant, the manager of my condominium, drivers of an ambulance. They were discussing with me in a real calm situation when they suddenly jump on me, trying to break my wrist, nothing else. I had handcuffs and an injection. The ‘officer’ and the psychiatric were talking to me while the policemen were hurting me with violence using the handcuffs to make me screaming. I did not scream but said what was happening. They took some of my clothes when I heard the psychiatric telling the officer: “But me too I can here them talking”. At that moment, I have been pushed out from my apartment with violence. Outside, one of the policemen asked the driver of the ambulance to take the key of the handcuffs in order to bring me to the hospital. The driver refused. The policeman put of the cuffs. I saw my wrists with lot’s of violence tracks. The psychiatric refused to note it down.

You will have understood, these guys were not from the national police and I will give you some other clues:

  • They did not have the badge with the number coming with a uniform from the national police (it was not the first time for me, I had another one in the middle of the night with a girl friend).
  • They used violence which is not the case with ‘normal’ policemen when you are really calm.
  • They asked the driver to took the key although they will have to bring me themselves at the hospital in such a case.
  • I have seen before the two big guys, or policemen. The first time, they were both driving a city police car and wearing the uniform of the city police. I have seen them before in a normal car wearing suits and looking at me just beside my Office. I have seen one of them in a supermarket looking at me and smiling in a position like runners at the starting. He was waiting for me to scream or to lose it when I was waiting for paying under torture (the speakers from the supermarket are not good for me…).


So, what was the link with politics? I have been told by the doctor in charge at the hospital that the Mayor took the decision to throw me in a psychiatric hospital without having the authorization to see it. It was founded on security reasons, on troubles to public order. Actually, I have never done troubles in public and a private condominium is never considered as a public location. Then, the Mayor’s decision was unfounded, illegal. N. Sarkozy was the Home Minister with a new security policy, helping policemen in every situation, even bad. Nevertheless, my lawyer at that time did nothing to help me, special agents ad wires were present at the hospital…

I had the confirmation in 2004 that the Mayor of Ansieres signed the decision. This confirmation was given to me by the former cabinet officer of the Mayor. He resigned just before new elections he went in for the UMP party. He gave a lot of public information on why Aeschliman was a ‘bad guy’ with curious practices. Maybe not enough people believed it. I am sure that they believed it years later for the Mayor election. Aeschliman made a consensus against him: all the parties from the left wing to the right wing joined to present a unique candidate. He was not the former opponent from the PS (socialist party) but a new one...


6- From 2002 to 2003 with the mix of top managers of GDF.

As I said, I was unable to do a lot for months after having been sacked.


Since I moved in Asnieres apartment, I was able to hear Ms Gard and the Vice Chief executive officer (at that time) from GDF talking continuously. By the way, I heard them too in 2001 at the hotel in Egypt I was staying in for holidays. A day, things changed. I was able to hear only female voices in my apartment.


For sure, it came after I SAW THE VICE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER IN MY CONDOMINIUM. I was in my car, waiting for the door to open in the garage of the condominium. When that door opened, I was unable to get out because another car was entering, I saw in that car the vice chief executive officer at the passenger place. I did not recognize the driver at that moment. I saw him for the first time a couple of months later when I went up to see my neighbours living upstairs. They fucked me up because of all huge new noises coming from their apartment since a while (days and nights). He was anxious when seeing, not immediately after having my daughter… He was teasing me up and my daughter although she was tortured too.


I have seen also one female special agent – brown hair- entering different apartment in the same floor as mine. I saw her… at my office when she was ‘visiting’ the deputy chief officer of the international division. It was a visit for making me hearing at that moment a different voice in my personal office… It was the first time. Top managers did by themselves after.


I saw her also when I was arriving to a building for an appointment with a specialist of hypnosis. She was just going out. She was not alone. She was with another ‘female’, blond hair and a guy. I did not recognize the guy because I ‘really’ saw him for the first time at a GDF event.  He was a chief officer in charge of another division. In reality, I saw him a long time before in a curious situation when I was jogging. I did not recognize the blond girl too. I have had never seen her before. But I saw her after this appointment with the goal to try to get out of hypnosis. It was at a police station when I wanted to lodge a report in Asnieres. She was there to make me passing like a mad guy… It was the official version after the hospital, Anybody could destroy my goods in public and I was unable to lodge a report as it happened to me.


Before the hospital, the policemen refused my complaint because I was talking about the vice chief executive officer. If it had been only with the chief officer and his deputy in charge of the international division, they will have accepted the official complaint…


Guess what? I saw a special agent in the apartment of my ‘official’ neighbour. A blond hair too. Maybe there is a brown hair but, for sure, there are a lot of guys. Apart from her, I saw more recently my ‘official’ neighbour (the apartment just beside mine) entering his apartment at 2.30AM to participate in the torture they were practicing on me at that moment. He asked somebody else to come to get out, just in case of…


7- Conclusion.


There will a following after the hospital episode, to talk on ONE YEAR with nothing special, living the full for me and with my daughter. That following will talk also on what happened from 2005 till today: torture without end, a disgusting one on me and my daughter, a master, an escape from France.


That following will help you to understand what is going on here in the streets: the same, like in France (with a lottery for a suicide?). I don’t stand a chance because the goal is to kill me sometimes, to make me totally crazy, to push me to commit a suicide. How can I pass in 30 seconds, according to the special agents, from a status of somebody who will earn lot’s of money under torture to somebody who must die in horrible torture/pains?


I don’t want to live in the vision of Sarkozy for his country (police everywhere, everybody under potential surveillance, psychiatrics for all opponents who are not public personalities, to be said to be crazy/mad when you are a public personality,…) I don’t want to live in a continuous torture, in don’t want to live with continuous threats from special agents, I don’t want to see my daughter being tortured, I don’t want to hear what happens physically to my daughter because of hypnosis, I don’t want to live under hypnosis all my life. It is not a life. It is hell.


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