They can’t kill a EU Minister of justice but…

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…they can easily kill me.


Actually, it seems to be hard to threat with death a EU Minister of Justice having said the ROM’s deportation reminded her the NAZIs period (see the article of 17/09/2010). We are close, very close, of a speech  telling the world that Sarkozy, the French President, is a Nazi at all. The decisions he made were not going in the way of helping people. It seems to be better to take the money of his countrymen for a private politics. The money is also used to build quite everywhere psychiatric hospitals or transform those existing to throw in people who have no real psychiatric problem. They don’t except that they are jobless since too long and cost too much  money to the community, hence they could be a problem when election take place. A sort of pre-election for getting the election sewed-up.


Hence, a President does not threat as he did when he was Home Minister. A President is just offended, then the EU Minister just regretted maintaining the right of ROMs to travel throughout Europe. A president does not ask neither to its “special forces” (the special agents) to threat a EU Minister, nor he gives the order to kill him or to make him crazy. But such orders are given for “Ordinary people”, like me.


To make somebody totally crazy, use hypnosis and brainwashing. Somebody becomes easy to torture night and day – you need to do it 24 hours when that person put up resistance to your crazy job – and to push to become totally crazy. Torture itself is not enough. Therefore, they need to put wires everywhere and to speak using female voices – it is sometime hard for our Male agents but they do like – not only for the torture but also to provoke a ‘brain suicide’. When you get again resistance, you need to create a special phone number so that everyone can participate to make somebody becoming totally crazy, just the time of the torture. Hence, they succeed in the French way which is like Wiston Churchill washing his hands from the poop made by others.


Sometimes, such physical torture, and for a part psychological torture, is not enough. Therefore, you need to keep going with other stuffs. Just traffic all the documentation of your target. The better you hit, the better the result. For higher result, the best is to traffic IT documentation when your target is working on it and torture your target in the same time. Maybe it won’t be enough. So, our special agents needs other tools: break-ins everyday, destruction of goods, bribes to everybody willing to get some for a little – or huge – participation. Their participation could be for torture, to tell you bullshits every time, to try to do their best for stealing your money.


There you have your melting pot of torture and people. They share the same value, they share the same money. Guess what? Some don’t get any money (or maybe later). Like children they used in Indonesia. One was a little boy asking me to fuck him for money. I was disgusted but he went on, as he had been told, until I shouted at him in the middle of people working to real occupation. They used all children they can in Indonesia sending SMS to all cell phone number they could get. Somebody I knew tried to call the phone number specified in the SMS. He told us he had a viril male voice answering he was not a child to participate. Actually, they did the same in Singapore too…


There is no limit to horrible things made by human, made by special agents. They obey to their orders with a real pleasure. They said to everybody there will be a lot of money for their target. Sure! When he’ll be dead. Otherwise they will share… Happy Sarkozettes..

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